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About us

Welcome to Abdulla-Alharmoodi! We are a UAE-based financial services provider specializing in auditing, bookkeeping, corporate tax, VAT registration and filing, consultancy services, and general financial management. With our experienced team, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet your business needs.

At Abdulla-Alharmoodi, we are dedicated to providing accurate financial insights and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Trust our auditing services for reliable statements and valuable operational insights.

Streamline your financial records with our bookkeeping services, gaining real-time insights for informed decision-making.

What We Do

  • Navigate the complexities of corporate tax with our expert services, optimizing strategies and minimizing liabilities.
  • Simplify VAT compliance with our specialized registration and filing services, ensuring accurate calculation and timely returns.
  • Benefit from our consultancy services, gaining valuable insights and industry expertise for business growth and effective risk management.
  • Our general financial management services help you optimize resources, enhance profitability, and ensure long-term stability through effective budgeting, cash flow management, reporting, and risk analysis.
  • Partner with Abdulla-Alharmoodi for professional and personalized financial solutions. Thrive with our reliable services tailored to your specific needs.

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Business Advisor

Expert guidance for business success.

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Strategic Planning

Charting the path to growth and profitability.

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Startup Boost

Fueling your startup's success.

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Startup Boost

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Why We Are the Right Choice

Our team brings extensive industry knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring that you receive expert guidance and solutions
tailored to your specific needs.

Marketing Experts

Unleash the power of strategic marketing with our team of experts, driving brand awareness and customer engagement for your business.

Series Investment

Secure your business's future with our series investment solutions, providing access to funding and strategic partnerships for growth and expansion.

Prioritize Customers

Put your customers at the forefront of your business with our customer-centric approach, ensuring exceptional experiences that build lasting relationships and drive loyalty.